Integrated Super Yacht Marina Resort Facility Indonesia



Subject: Lombok Marina Del Ray and Resort Investment Opportunity


It has taken seven years to lobby the federal Government to change legislation and to acquire the first ever

privately owned “seabed permit” in all of Indonesia.  The good news is, the early high-risk portion of the project

has passed, and an initial $15 million investment into expanding its existing marina and shore facilities has been

made. The initial investment has created a “monopoly”, serious momentum, and is certain to grow quickly.

You are seeing this at exactly the right time. 


Background first. Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world and yet ironically the last to establish a

network of private boat marinas. It has been called the greatest year-round sailing area in the world. Through a

Presidential Decree in 2011, Indonesia began the process of opening its borders and making it easier for private

yacht owners and commercial vessel operators to visit Indonesian waters.  Marine tourism is now being

aggressively encouraged.  This is no surprise because the global “Super yacht” industry is growing rapidly.


Australian investor Captain Raymond La Fontaine recognized this opportunity and in 2011 he began negotiating with the Indonesian government for a seabed permit off the small island of Gili Gede.  Gili Gede is located 900 meters from the large island of Lombok and can be reached in 60 minutes by taxi from the new Lombok International Airport (daily flights to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur) and 90 minutes by boat from the island of Bali.


A seabed permit was issued in 2016. The permit granted Marine Industrial Developments (MID) Indonesian company PT Marine Del Ray the rights to own and operate one hectare of Land and fourteen Hectares of the only “year round deep and protected Privately owned Super yacht Marinas” in the largest and most ideally suited Archipelago in the world that has no Marinas, this gives the investment a monopoly because it is the largest distance between Singapore and Australia, some 2,500 nautical miles “in the world” where no Marinas exist. Stage one is almost finished, and the new marina will be open for business this summer. The Seabed License is big enough to accommodate up to 500 Yachts and can be expanded to hold 1000 yachts in varying sized up to 300 meters in length.


This project is called Lombok Marina Del Ray and is the first development that will be marketed under a network of ten (10) Marinas spanning the country that will connect Australasia with Asia called MARINDO.


Captain La Fontaine vision is to establish a chain of world-class Eco-marinas and resorts in Indonesia. MID has 100% foreign ownership in PT Marine Del Ray, PT Black Moon and PT Lombok Marine Industrial Developments (the legal foreign owners, of the seabed, operational Licenses, Land and Assets and currently operate a Resort, Ferry Business, Dock Yard, Residential Land Development, Fuel Power and water Supply Chain and existing Yacht Charter company).


Lombok Marina Del Ray and Resort is strategically located in the center of the largest and most ideally suited secure boating playground in the world. Independent demand research shows that by 2023 the marina occupancy will reach 95%, matching the current occupancy that exists in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines and Australia. 

The combined five year revenue streams from the MID are as follows.


Marine Industrial Developments Business Units


Current Status Feb 2019

Projected Annual Revenue

Super yacht marina Facilities Yacht Club opens June 2018.  Stage one 5 year EPITA $27 million USD. Status-Complete

Marine provisioning, supply store ship chandlery  Stage one 5 year EPITA $15 million USD Status-Complete

Fuel depot Stage one 5 year EPITA USD $8.5 million Status Under construction

Yacht repair & dock yard Stage one 5 year EPITA $11 million USD Status Exists, needs refurbishment

Ten yacht charter fleet  5 year EPITA $4 million USD Status-exsistng expansion ( awaiting Luxury Tax removal )

Five star 100 room resort hotel 5 year EPITA $15 million  USD Status-Planning approved

Wellness  outdoor water sports facility Status Planned TBA

54 lot Land subdivision 5 year EPITA $7.5 million USD Status-Planned

High Speed Passenger ferry service 5 year EPITA $27 million USD Status-Exists, to be expanded with 150 Pax High speed Wave break ferry

MARINDO – merchandise and services

Across 5 destinations (onshore) 5 Year EPITA $1,75 million USD In process

MARINDO – Boat re stocking (offshore) 5 year EPITA $1.5 million USD Status-under construction


TBD (To Be Determined) implies a business plan has not yet been drafted.


While there will be many other projects built in Lombok over the next few years none of them will be associated with a Marina. In fact, there are no other private marina projects in all of Indonesia and Captain La Fontaine has been asked by the Indonesian Government to construct 10 more. Once completed they will stepping stones 400 miles apart located at the entry points to the Republic of Indonesia. They will increase the desirability of the whole archipelago as the world’s newest and best super yacht playground.