• Successfully lobbied the Indonesian government to extend the time a Foreign Flagged Yacht could stay in Indonesian waters from 3 months    to   three years therefore justifying our investment in building Marina network in the country that will create the fourth largest Marine Tourism destination in the word known as the ASIANA.

  • We began the process in 2015 of convince the Indonesian government to remove its 75% import luxury Tax on yachts and boating equipment and pave the way for the formation of a 10-Billion-dollar Marine Industry for the Republic of Indonesia.

  • In 2016 the Indonesian foreign Investment board ( BKPM ) agreed to allow MID foreign ownership of a 14-hectare seabed license.

  • In 2018 the Minister of Transport Indonesia signed MID operating and international seaport clearance licenses.

  • Stage one of Indonesia's first privately owned integrated Marina and Resort, called LOMBOK MARINA DEL RAY was completed in February 2019 It is the only international ports of entry between Australia and Singapore that has a full-service Marina. The islands landowners have enjoyed over an 800% increase in land values since our investment began in 2011.

  • Commissioned the first water desalination facility that uses seawater to make A grade drinking water on an island in Indonesia.

  • Responsible for the investment of electricity on the largest Gili island near Bali.

  • Blocked the use of cyanide for gold production which was killing the reef system on the Gili Islands.

  • Development strategies for the reduction and collection of waste plastics dumped into the sea between Bali and Lombok.

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