Who we are? 

Marine Industrial Developments Australia (MID) is a privately-owned, Australian company founded by Captain Raymond La Fontaine in 2010 to establish Indonesia’s first, foreign owned, integrated marina/resort and to expand these across the Indonesian Archipelago.


What we do!

We research, invest and utilize our intellectual property to design and build integrated marinas and resort infrastructure on highly desirable island destinations across Indonesia and other nearby destinations.  These marinas provide safe destinations for the world’s high value, international sailing and tourism communities.

In doing this we unlock the intrinsic value of land adjacent to the marinas, allowing for the development of 5 star resorts and other high value accommodation that naturally clusters around marinas in exotic destinations.

Our first project, the Lombok Marina Del Ray located on Gili Gede (Island) is operating successfully and MID is about to commence the next stage of expanding the marina and building a 5 star resort and other luxury accommodation.

Our Business Strategy

Based on the success of Marina Del Ray, MID is planning a network of ten, branded, eco marinas and resorts to take exclusive advantage of the largest and most ideally located sailing/cruising archipelago in the world.  Apart from Marina Del Ray, no other pristine marinas exists in Indonesia.  In doing this our objective is to establish an annual turnover of 2 billion dollar by 2027.


Our Brand

MARINDO, short for "Marinas Indonesia", is our copy righted brand for Asia’s chain of super yacht marinas, luxury resorts and privately owned villas, together with life style experiences in restaurants, bars, well-being experiences, water sports, Eco-tourism and sportswear apparel collections


MARINDO, shortened for, "Marinas Indonesia" is Asia's first, Global, Luxury Lifestyle Super Yacht Sailing & Cruising Water Sport Brand. We build five-star Marinas, resorts and privately-owned villas estates, health Spas, water sport facilities, restaurants, bars, and sportswear apparel collections.


Our Vision

Our social Vision is to empower local island communities with high value education, training and jobs in hospitality and tourism activities by supporting the island marine infrastructure that is critical for growth in the Indonesian economy.

Our economic Vision is to develop the necessary infrastructure, products, markets, and lifestyle experiences to provide solid financial gains for our shareholders and investors, using Lombok Marina del Ray as the location from which to launch a chain of marinas and luxury resorts across Indonesia

Our Vision for environmental sustainability is to maximize use renewable resources like solar powered energy and water; to manage wastes so that most remain on the respective islands and are safely treated there; and to use and promote activities that do not damage the many pristine ecosystems.

Business Ventures

Lombok Marina Del Ray: marina, resort accommodation and water sport owner/operator on Gili Gede, Lombok, Indonesia.

Black Moon: Ferry operators servicing the Bali and Lombok tourism industry.

Indonesian Yacht charter: syndicated yacht charter in the surf, dive and game fishing charter industries.

Lombok Marine Industrial Services: fuel supply and boat repair; marina design and construction; and marine import chandlers.

Our Affiliated companies currently operate established Yacht, Surf, Dive and Fishing Charters including, Ferry Services and associated Infrastructure, including helicopter, seaplane and luxury Jet services to feed guest and Tourist to each of our future approved Marina locations.